by - marraskuuta 09, 2021

Munkkiniemessä / 24x34cm / 2021 / Oil on canvas

"Take the tram 4 to munkkiniemi, ride until the last stop and exit the tram. Then walk the scenic seashore path northwest towards Gallen-Kallela museum. after the munkkiniemi beach and before the first of two bridges on your way towards Tarvaspää, you'll pass by this captivating sight of pines, their exposed roots and a rocky beach. So captivating indeed in my mind that I had to paint it. This reminds me of the paintings by old masters such as Halonen, Gallen-Kallela etc when they captured the finnish nature in its glory. Not that I'm saying this is on their level, but something about those pines takes my mind there, to those works..."